Gemscool Point Blank

Gemscool Point Blank is a provider of online gaming portal site of the first and largest no. 1 in Indonesia today. Since the presence site in the middle of the gamers to create something different that has not been able to get from other games.

Gemscool really understand what is needed by the gamers, so every game is provided by the online gaming portal gemscool able to attract the attention of the lovers of the game. And for those who play it also be addictive due to a sense of fun and adrenaline in the can after playing one game that has been provided by gemscool.

Online games available on the site, including :
  1.     Gemscool Pointblank : 1 FPS in Indonesia.
  2.     Gemscool Lost Saga : Hotshot New Has Come!.
  3.     Atlantica Atlantica Gemscool : Strategic MMORPG.
  4.     Gemscool Yulgang Online Yulgang Online : Comic MMORPG.
  5.     Gemscool Mako Mako : Card Battle Game.
  6.     Gemscool Free Style Free Style : Play Street Basketball.
  7.     Gemscool Kart Rider : Drift 4 Win.
  8.     Gemscool DragonNest : The best 3D Action MORPG.
  9.     Gemscool Eligium : [MMORPG] Infinite PK and Faction War.
A number of games provided by the site almost all FPS system. This is so the outcome of the game image more real and memorable for optimal play it. One of the game's most in each of the initial release of the online game is bernamakan point blank.

Game point blank that the war brought a genre in which the stage play requires a skill of the gamers in terms of mouse and keyboard. Characters available in the game's only two options namely free rebels and ct-force.

In addition there is also a point blank lost saga which is a game that has been provided by gemscool. This game type battle characters in free and also provide much more than point blank
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