Gemscool Game Online Indonesia, where its games that are popular today is Point blank or abbreviated PB, which certainly is not foreign to all the young man, especially for  predicted in the cafe, Games Point Blank is to be one that has an Mandatory in playing by his fans.

The first is a portal or a website that provides online games in Indonesia. Gemscool is incorrect pacth provider of online gaming websites with various categories, in this Gemscool no game Point Blank is a favorite. Point Blank is not only there but are there other interesting games that Yulgang, Freestyle, Atlantica, Lost Saga, Mako, and Kart Rider Apocalyps newly launching in a few weeks ago.

The first step before gemscool login to play the game in Gemscool we need to first register via the Register Member List link, only then can access a few games after login on Gemscool.

In Gemscool there is also a community forum which functions to provide the latest information or to share and discuss with the name of the Forums. In the forum we can find information and updates about the game there and can give feedback, criticism or reports against the player who cheated in play or called Cheaters are often disturbing other gamers.

Like the other games provider, Gemscool also provide G-Cash function is used to buy weapons, equipment or tactics and much more. I myself used to use G-Cash Gemscool to the game Point Blank, but now retired due to the illegal conduct of the user program and the severity of my Junior Member ID is taken by people who are not responsible. Maybe for those who do not know the game of Gemscool can see more detail below:
  1. Point Blank: Point Blank is an air-genre of computer games that are played online FPS.
  2. FreeStyle Games online sports-themed basket.
  3. Yulgang: Yulgang Online is an MMORPG set in the back of a comic story.
  4. Apocalyps: This place is a city built by the followers of the god.
  5. Atlantica: You will begin a great journey that will take you to places that mysterious and dangerous throughout the world, throughout the history of time and human life.
  6. Lost Saga: Compete as your favorite hero from various parts of the distance and time! 23 hero icon is waiting for a chance to win in the first season with more than 100 other hero waiting to join the fight in the future.
  7. Mako: Is a 1 vs 1 game card. This game has simple rules, but you need a strategy to win the game.

Gemscool Yulgang

Indonesia Gemscool Yulgang gives a lot of the most popular multiplayer game by the people and the homeland, players like Point Blank, Yulgang, Atlantica, Lost Saga, Mako, Freestyle Street Basketball anyway. If you make a person extremely clever player to play games in this period Point Blank then tried to play in most games where the same Yulgang has its mission and purpose most exactly.

Then how you are able to start playing games online free? If you really are interested need to be able to play all kinds of games on portals, again you have to register first make sure you have indonesia Yulgang gemscool account. match game free internet name and then you can get accounts with different charge if you want to play the very first Cabal must hold account most now is not free.

Gemscool point blank online account function has more advantages, in addition to create an entrance to the website are also logged into the community of Point Blank gamescool together will fill the G-Cash. In the forum you wish to acquire Gemscool i.e. lots of data about the latest games download, news about the illegal program, guide how to fill out the G-Cash need starters anyway. Cash played for buying weapons, other items together in support of internet gaming. Is it napa gamescool Yulgang became games online free? Since the acquisition in addition to the sponsors as well as from the sale of G-Cash.

Below is a list of games we can try :

Point Blank

Internet gaming is bringing the genre of FPS (First Person Shooter). You can fight and all players in Indonesia, to collect experience with promoted. Highly varied fashion unique game Modes, also Point Blank already knew once on the mind you, there's a Bomb Mission, Death Match, Annihilation and then a strange, Destroy Mission, Dino.


You must first create a character when playing FreeStyle. Whiz is made three basic positions (Guard, Forward, Center), together they can be shared back continually rising levels. Have you ended up making a whiz, it is necessary to choose the space you want to sign in to. You can sign in to on the space suits along with the location along with the rank of karaktermu. We can change the look of the game such as the background and then the singing voice.


Become a games background started comic stories. Explanation of interesting features about the internet Yulgang consists of party clothes party, begins, systems Teacher pupil, pride and Karma more war.


most traditional RPG game combining action elements necessary strategies to paces deep! Enjoy a tactical bout that already was missing starting the modern MMORPG. the features of the games are fighting games, Atlantica Transactions, the Town, as well as community 9. Utilize the Items.

Lost Saga

Heroes of mitosdan clone got together! Fight for your favorite to hero from different parts of the place and time! 23 most Hero awaits chance win the first season also started another 100 more Hero waiting for join in fight the future.

Gemscool Lost Saga

Gemscool Lost Saga is a free gaming-to-play and fighting MMORPG. Developed by "IO Entertainment" in South Korea. Propagated in some countries such as the company "United States" on the OGPlanet, "Thailand" in an Asiasoft and "Gemscool" in Indonesia


Characters in Korea Lost Saga Titled "Mercenaries" or "Hero" in South Korea, the United States, Thailand, and Indonesia. Mercenaries are divided into five different categories: Melee, Ranged, Magic, Special, and Premium. Players can buy in store payment from hero games using the peso, the currency gained from battles, or obtain their services for 2 hours when they reach the rank in which the mercenary is not locked, with the exception of Premium Paid Soldiers, which can only be obtained through Gold (Typical LostSaga Currencies in South Korea), the Astros (Typical LostSaga Currency in the United States), Acash (Typical LostSaga Currencies in Thailand) and G-cash (currency in Typical LostSaga Indonesia) or through the Hero Scroll, which can be obtained from the mission and buy at the store of 3,000 Pesos (South Korea and Indonesia). The player can gain paid soldiers as much as slots that they have. In General, players have 12 slots and hero could be more if purchased at the store.

Once players place their mercenaries in his hero/inventory, so they can replace their hero by pressing the number keys (Hero Swap) (this can be changed in the options menu). This method allows the player to transform into a different soldier non payment during game play, but only if it is a mercenary who is currently used to have 4 Gear fitted (this has no effect with items such as a style. Hair).

In addition, the "Epic Gear" is a mercenary equipment with alternative designs. They improve the game by allowing players to complete a different Gear for their mercenaries have been hired. However, Epic weapons can only be fitted to the mercenaries that match them. Epic Gear not only gives the costume change, but a stat boost that varies with each tooth. Skills, Gear, however, does not change.

Premium mercenaries have Epic Gear, but they do not look different from the original (with the exception of epic weapons Sol). There are also special gear called "legendary gear". Unlike epic gear, this gear is not appropriate for any mercenaries who exist. Thus, the most legendary gear does not have alternative designs and no weapons are legendary. legendary gear can also use some skills such as in one gear. jumpers and some come in several designs (such as the bunny ears is made up pink and black) (only in South Korea). In Indonesia, in particular Lost Saga. Lost Saga Gear can be sold at a price of at least 50 thousand pesos, and to sell gear, players must have a gear marked "can seal" and buy Gear sealer for 2900 G-cash (Indonesia) and will be included in the market.

Forum Gemscool

Online gaming enthusiasts in particular gemscool now have access to the latest Forum Gemscool gives more elegant look and certainly easier to access.

For those of you who are not familiar with this gemscool online game, of course you should try it. But before trying it is good for beginners in gemscool, worth listening to discussions of the members gemscool in the Forums.

So what are the rules that must be adhered to enroll in the gemscool forum? Well here I will give TOS or rules that you must obey the gemscool register and become a member.

1. Not Violate Manners.

Any violation of good manners is forbidden in this forum. Although this board using the filter, we expect the use of words outside courtesy is not used at all.

* / Violation Penalties: Warning 20%

2. Content Not Be About Pitting Or  Discriminatory.

Rant, spread messages of hate, contempt for other forum members, and incurred the wrath prohibited in this forum.

* / Violation Penalties: Warning 20%.

3. Not To Confuse Personal Problems In The Forum

Debate or discussion was allowed in the forums over done nice and polite. Debate and discussion are starting to heat up and provoke an argument would be stopped by closing the forum.

* / Violation Penalties: Warning 20%.

4. Content Is Not offensive.

Content that contains explicit sexuality, and content leads to illegal activity is prohibited in this forum. Included in it, looking for a partner in the forums, SARA (Tribe, Religion, Race and tribal), and insulting Newbie and team forum (Moderator and Admin).

* / Abuse Punishment: Ban for 1 month

5. Advertising, Junk, Spamming Or Application For Banned.

Advertise other websites, products, and / or services, or solicitation of donations, either through a new topic or PM to the members of the forum is prohibited in this forum. You can post a link of your favorite websites and / or your personal on your signature for the signature to qualify. If you want to negotiate the contract / paid advertising campaign with this forum, please contact PT. Kreon.

Definition of junk is: short posts that do not relate to the topic, double post, posts unrelated to the topic, rephrasing the question or statement that was posted earlier, and off-topic conversation.

* / Abuse Punishment: Ban for 1 week

6. Do Not Post Contains   Personal Information.

Thread or post that contains personal information about a person will be removed immediately, including the Account Name, Password, First Name, Address / Contact Number.

* / Violation Penalties: Warning 20%

7. Do Not Post Or Link To Share Information Material Copyright.

You can post a link to the source of general / other websites, but strictly forbidden to perform direct link or share information / material in copyright in this forum. If you are not sure that the content you post, please contact the moderators and / or admin to help you.

Example: Torrent, P2P programs, and direct links to download illegal materials

* / Violation Penalties: Warning 20%

8. Reproduction Account.

Creating multiple accounts will be automatically affected by the closure of your account and the potential closing double your main account.

* / Violation Penalties: Warning 20%

9.If You Will Do In A Languange Other Than Posting Languange Indonesia, Please Attach In Indonesian Translation.

10.Minimum Number Of Character In Posting Is 20 Characters.

11.Quote Number  1 In Post No MOre Than 4 Level.

* / Violation Penalties: Warning 20%.

12.Posting Thread On The Right.

Thread is in the post is not in place will be considered as junk and get the punishment they deserve.

* / Violation Penalties: Warning 20%.

13.Do Not Make Or Account With Nick Name Nick Are Like Team Forum .

It can be considered a violation and illegal actions because it can trick the other forum users. Check the first list of staff forums before making a nick or a new account. List of forum staff can be seen in

* / Violation Penalties: Warning 20%

Warning Level : When given warning level has reached 100%, the user ID is automatically banned for 1 month.

* Warning penalties can vary depending on the level of offense committed and may also be the tire for 1 week

Line Meets Forum Gemscool

Mobile messaging application service the hosts developers Naver, LINE announces their collaboration with one of the leading game developers Gemscool. Cooperation between services messaging with this online game developer presents a compelling bid Gemscool Credit amounting to Rp. 13,000 for the user Forum Gemscool enlisted in the service application messaging LINE.

The Event, titled "LINE Meets Gemscool" can be followed by anyone who is interested in obtaining Credit amounting to Rp. Gemscool 13,000 free of charge. The way it works is pretty easy, if you already have the application LINE, you simply need to register as a new Member of the applications then you can simply add "@cool" as your friend within 1 hour after the registration process is completed. After that, you are automatically entitled to a voucher Gemscool Rp 10,000 and Rp 3,000 bonus (300 G-Cash). Surely for you true gamers from the games release Gemscool not to miss this promo event.

Until this article was demoted, the event that started at 3 p.m. Tuesday (18/6) has collected nearly 60 thousand people who already get the prize draw bids. The plan, the event will take place during one full month starting from June 18th to July 17, 2013.

After reaching 150 million users throughout the world, the LINE seems still not "satisfied" to compete with other mobile messaging applications competitors. Through cooperation with this, Gemscool is expected to increase the number of users from gamers Gemscool LINE that also has a number of users that quite a lot, given the phenomenal PointBlank games to this day are still sought after by a number of online gamers all over Indonesia, not unlikely if after this promo goes on the number of users of the application LINE will further increase.